Monsters Merge

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Jump!%uD83D%uDD79%uFE0FHave fun in this little jumping game!Normal Mode!%u2728In this mode, you can unlock characters, and your score will be saved every 50 points. No stress just enjoy jumping.Challenge Mode!%uD83E%uDD3AWhat did you said? too easy for you? you want more challenge? Don't worry dude! we got you! Here your score won't be saved unless you beat your previous score. Basically a classic game with the best score.Relax Mode!%uD83C%uDF34Just make points and have fun, here you can't lose!Look at that! Combo!!%uD83D%uDD25Tap fast and you will do a combo! wait too much and you have to start again!Unlock more than 30 characters!%uD83E%uDD16%uD83D%uDC7B%uD83D%uDCFA%uD83D%uDC14%uD83C%uDF87Exactly 36 characters! everybody is unique and some have even special abilities!Unlock medals!%uD83E%uDD479 different medals to unlock! Local Multiplayer%uD83C%uDF8EPlay with your friends! (or with random people why not)

Click any object to move